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810 Varsity Analysis: Blue Springs South

By By Craig Wind, 810 Varsity, 01/04/21, 7:15PM CST


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Craig Wind scouts and delivers a breakdown of Kansas City area teams and players to 810 Varsity through the upcoming season. Wind formerly wrote for and is the owner-author-founder of Midwest Basketball Recruting Intel, an NCAA-certified recruiting service. Winds sends his reports to 270+ D1 college coaches around the USA on a weekly basis about players who will play basketball at all collegiate levels.

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Wind's analysis on the Jaguars:

“South always seems to be long athletically and young. Don’t ask me why - that’s the way they roll …"


  • REALLY improved and got better in the past 12 months.
  • His body got stronger, looks like he really worked hard there,
  • Long and skilled
  • Crafty to the rim and deadly from deep downtown

ImagePhoto: David Rainey @photorainey


  • One HS coach told me that  looks like he’s 6’11” instead of the listed 6’7” and I kinda agree.
  • Decent body and may grow again
  • An area metro Juco needs to take a flier on him

TY MAUCK (SR) 6’3”

  • Solid fundamental shooting guard-small forward
  • Capable of making winning plays for BSS in 2021

Photo: David Rainey @photorainey


  • Really like the upside of the small forward who plays AAU for Team KC
  • Good mid-range shooter with some nice slash to the rim
  • Bounces up there and throws it down pretty well
  • With some weight room development will come confidence and aggressiveness and low to mid D1s could come calling on DW

Photo: David Rainey @photorainey


On the roster, they didn’t get to play, but I’ve seen LOGAN WILLS (SO) 6’6” and DEVIN FROST (SO) 6’3” play AAU and they will look to continue the Jaguars mantra as long athletically and young, into 2021!

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