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810 Varsity Analysis: Liberty

By By Craig Wind, 810 Varsity, 01/18/21, 10:15AM CST


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Craig Wind scouts and delivers a breakdown of Kansas City area teams and players to 810 Varsity through the upcoming season. Wind formerly wrote for and is the owner-author-founder of Midwest Basketball Recruting Intel, an NCAA-certified recruiting service. Winds sends his reports to 270+ D1 college coaches around the USA on a weekly basis about players who will play basketball at all collegiate levels.

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“Fundamentally sound and always a threat to win every game they play in because they’re well coached and the Blue Jays just have a knack for finding a way! 

The coach’s son is the star of the show, BENNETT STIRTZ (JR) 6’4” and very skilled, sometimes, a way too willing facilitator. He usually never has to put it on his shoulders, that’s not how the program was built and the way the Stirtz family thinks . But there will be teams later on down the road that it will be mandatory (in order to win). It will be fun to watch! Bennett finds his way into a D1 program as a scholarship player unless he deems otherwise … His helpmates are REALLY good role players. 


JAVION BYERS (SR) 6’1” and JAVIN SHAW (SR) 6’2” hit big shots and make key plays. They are solid, consistent contributors. 


KELLEN GOODWIN (SR) 6’6” and DYLAN GORMONT (JR) 6’8” give the Blue Jays size in the paint and something for the defense to guard and focus in on.  That frees up the perimeter. 

The wildcard for Liberty heading down the stretch will be LUKE STUBBS (JR) 6’2” who in the first 2 games of the event was 11 of 16 from the floor in 40 minutes of playing time with 29 points and only 3 turnovers. If he can keep that kind of productivity up to that level, he takes the pressure off of Stirtz! Would make Liberty very hard to beat.”


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