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810 Varsity Analysis: Ray-Pec

By By Craig Wind, 810 Varsity, 02/03/21, 7:45PM CST


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Craig Wind scouts and delivers a breakdown of Kansas City area teams and players to 810 Varsity through the upcoming season. Wind formerly wrote for and is the owner-author-founder of Midwest Basketball Recruting Intel, an NCAA-certified recruiting service. Winds sends his reports to 270+ D1 college coaches around the USA on a weekly basis about players who will play basketball at all collegiate levels.

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When talking to college coaches about the 2022 class in the area, IRYN ALLEN (JR) 6’1” continues to come up. His ‘blow by’ ability in the open floor to create easy lay ups for him and easy shots for his teammates continues to impress. Really athletic! Needs to consistently shoot the basketball with range and that along with maybe 20+ pounds of muscle mass and strength is all that stands in the way of D1 schools offering up schollie opportunities… 

Photo: Darryl Woods, 810 Varsity

The best Class of 2024 in the Metro KC area so far. JADEN REDELL (FR) 6’6”, ASHTON JERMAIN (FR) 5’7”, RYKER NELSON (FR) 5’11” and BRYCE MITCHELL (FR) 6’3” will be intricate pieces to the Panthers puzzle of 2021 success. Mitchell is long and bouncy and passes the eye test when he enters the game. Jermain is the head coach’s son and it’s pretty obvious he’s capable of becoming the ‘coach’ on the floor. Poised and skilled and little. Nelson is a designated wing shooter, one with good skill and fundamental. Redell is the real deal! Lincoln Prep’s players had his face posterized on their skulls in game 1 as the talented rookie had 3 monumental dunks. These weren’t just little dunks, they were Big Boy monster dunks. He also plays football, I tell him that he’s gonna grow to 6’9” and football will be a thing of the past. LOL. 

Then let’s not forget the class of 2022. TUCKER MILLER (JR) 6’6” has 2 TE-DE FB offers from Murray State and Campbell. MYLES SUTTON (JR) 6’1” is another designated wing shooter. He teams up with Nelson to give the Panthers kick-out wing bombers. The Panthers are good now, they will be GREAT in 2022!”

Photo: Darryl Woods, 810 Varsity

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