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810 Varsity Analysis: Raytown

By By Craig Wind, 810 Varsity, 02/10/21, 3:45PM CST


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Craig Wind scouts and delivers a breakdown of Kansas City area teams and players to 810 Varsity through the upcoming season. Wind formerly wrote for and is the owner-author-founder of Midwest Basketball Recruting Intel, an NCAA-certified recruiting service. Winds sends his reports to 270+ D1 college coaches around the USA on a weekly basis about players who will play basketball at all collegiate levels.

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KHALIQ PULLIAM (JR) 6’1”, CEDRIC OWENS (SR) 5’10”, NOBLE CROMPTON (SR) 6’3”, and TERRANCE JONES (SR) 6’4” is as solid as it gets for any Metro KC backcourt. They play their backsides off, play really hard. Guard well. Athletic and physical. A joy to watch. They all fit that. No issues. 

KP had foul problems in the title game. He’s LH and super long with nice pure PG skills. Love him, if he works hard and takes care of business, a low to mid D1 combo guard. Owens is a bit undersized but feisty and tough. Crompton and Jones are both long, rangy, shooting guards with really nice scoring abilities. Hard to find a better predominant upperclass backcourt on the KC Missouri side… 

AARON FRANKLIN (SR) 6’6” is the enforcer in the middle of the defense and scores it pretty well. Big time body and plenty athletic but a unique twist to his jump shot. 

All of these cats will be able to entertain schollie opportunities, they may have to go the Juco route first in order to reach high on the ladder of life of college hoops. We’ll see. Not much depth on this squad, that could hurt down the stretch in 2021.”

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