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Missouri Sweet 16 Team

By By Craig Wind, 810 Varsity, 03/25/21, 6:00PM CDT


Check out the top 16 players from the Missouri semifinals

TREVON BRAZILLE (6A) 6’8” 2021 F

SPRINGFIELD KICKAPOO HS: Committed to Missouri. Long and skilled and bouncy. Excels in the paint and on the perimeter. 25 pounds of muscle mass away from being an SEC star player. Nice sleeper recruit for the Tigers. I love him!


SPRINGFIELD KICKAPOO HS: Committed to Missouri. Handles it alot. Very quick and electric in the open floor and hard to guard him. When he’s in a ‘pass mode’, he’s particularly dangerous. Nice mid range shooting skills. 

KENNARD DAVIS (4A) 6’5”  2023  PF

ST. LOUIS VASHON: Not sure I had seen this one and he was pretty impressive. Nice body. Good physical player with decent skills both in the paint and out on the perimeter. If I knew he had 3+ inches of growth left, at 6’8” in 3 years, high D1 player. 

MARIO FLEMING  (5A) 6’2” 2021 SG

ST. LOUIS CARDINAL RITTER HS: His dad died and he played in his honor for the weekend. Good feel-good story for Mario. He’s a really athletic kid, plays above the rim, averaged almost 14 ppg. Good skills but a bit undersized as a SG


ST. LOUIS VASHON HS: Wowser here. Committed to UNLV. Can T J Otzelberger pack him up in his suitcase and take him to Iowa State? He shoots it well. Long and very smooth offensively skilled performer. I think he has lots of upside. No question.

ISAAC HANEY  (6A) 6’3” 2021 CG

SPRINGFIELD KICKAPOO HS: Committed to Missouri State. One of my MO favorites because he can really shoot it, he’s crafty to the rim, good body, good athlete, and he plays with a really nice high basketball IQ! Will be a good Bear.

NICK KERN  (4A) 6’6” 2021 SF

ST. LOUIS VASHON HS:  Committed to Virginia Commonwealth. I’ve been watching this one play for Bradley Beal for 3 years now. He’s worked REALLY hard on his shooting skills. Looks awesome! Plenty athletic enough skills to be a good VCU Ram.

K J LEE  (6A) 6’7” 2021 CG-SF

FORT ZUMWALT NORTH HS: I felt sorry for KJ. Averaging over 20 ppg on the season, clearly his least productive game of his season. Very talented now. Long/super skilled across the board. Just did NOT play to his standard whatsoever. But D1 for sure.

ZAID LOWERY  (6A) 6’4” 2023 SF

SPRINGFIELD KICKAPOO HS: So ZL doubled his production on the season. Maybe a bit over 6 ppg, he ended up with 13 ppg, which probably helped him nail down a nice AAU spot somewhere high up there. Long and an athletic slasher deluxe.

DAMIEN MAYO  (4A) 6’2” 2022 CG

ST. LOUIS CHAMINADE  HS: I like him. Nice low to mid D1 combo guard. If he was 2-3 inches taller or more consistent out 20 feet from the rim, it would help him out. Tough physically and plenty athletic as a D1 prospect. 


JEFFERSON CITY BLAIR OAKS  HS: Not many players in this event score 21 & 12 and fall 6 shy of their seasonal average. Would be the only player at his size in the state to put it behind his back twice in open space handling vs. pressure. High D1.

KYLE POCK  (5A) 6’6” 2022  SF

SPRINGFIELD BOLIVAR  HS: I think he’s moving over to MOKAN. They lost to Cardinal Ritter in the state title tilt, but he had 30 & 12, solidifying his ‘Jared Ritter’ role as a potential mid/high major D1 small forward. Very skilled and crafty. Love him.

TARRIS REED (4A) 6’8” 2022 C

ST. LOUIS CHAMINADE  HS: Just as good a kid as he is a player. I hear Michigan State and Illinois are in the lead, he is a mother-load down low on the block. A bit undersized maybe in the post, but everything else you’d want in the paint. 

BRAXTON STACKER  (5A) 6’4” 2022 SG

ST. LOUIS CARDINAL RITTER  HS: Saw him first time after his grade 7 season and he was wonderful then, not much has changed. Transferred from Belleville East IL, a very long and graceful athlete with good skills. If he shoots it well, high D1!

BENNETT STIRTZ  (6A) 6’4” 2022 SG

LIBERTY  HS: Plays for 810 Varsity and he’s tearing it up right now in Springfield. Starting to assert himself. A coach’s son. Long and skilled. I see you listening BS! He’s gonna need a gigantic game on Saturday against a state Kickapoo powerhouse.

CONNOR TURNBULL  (6A) 6’10” 2022 PF

FORT ZUMWALT NORTH  HS: Wowser here as well. I kept on thinking 6’10” was probably a typo somewhere along the way. 23 & 12 later, despite a loss, 6’10” and looks like a mid D1 stretch-4. Really good shooter with range. Crafty around the rim. Threw it down a couple of times. Nice upside.

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