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All-League: Suburban Gold

By 810 Varsity, 11/23/22, 9:45AM CST


Check out the all league teams for the Suburban Gold

Below are the all-league teams for the Suburban Gold conference, as voted by league coaches.

Offensive Player of the Year: Sam Van Dyne, Liberty North
Defensive Player of the Year: Melvin Laster, Liberty North
Coach of the Year: Andy Lierman, Liberty North

First Team

QB   Sam Van Dyne Liberty North
RB David Mayo Lees Summit West
RB Thomas Fager Ray-Pec
OL Trey Shriver Liberty North
OL Boston Careswell Lees Summit West
OL Zach Walker Liberty North
OL Max Hansen Blue Springs
OL Noah Macias Blue Springs South
TE Tommy LaPour Blue Springs South
WR Joe White Blue Springs
WR Keelan Smith Liberty North
WR Jaden Reddell Ray Pec
WR Xavier Horn Liberty North
ATH Jaidyn Doss Ray-Pec
DL Jacob Stockard Liberty North
DL Javon Smith Liberty North
DL Darius Pahmamie Liberty North
DL Hayden Meyer Blue Springs South
DL Taran Snyder Ray-Pec
LB Melvin Laster Liberty North
LB Peyton Osborn Blue Springs South
LB Jakob Haag Blue Springs
LB Trey Snyder Liberty North
DB Eric Henkel Liberty North
DB Brandon Miller Liberty North
DB Jack Brickhouse Blue Springs South
DB Jackson Torry Lees Summit West
K Blake Craig Liberty North
P Jack Brickhouse Blue Springs South

Second Team

QB   Cash Parker Blue Springs South
RB Michajo Barnett Liberty North
RB Hayden Davidson Liberty North
OL Zach Mitchell Ray-Pec
OL Motie Williams Liberty North
OL Ryan Hall Lees Summit West
OL Brett Baier Blue Springs South
OL Brody Hatcher Liberty North
TE Eli Youman Blue Springs
WR Lincoln Stephenson Blue Springs
WR Caysen Stevenson Blue Springs South
WR Malachi Howard Blue Springs South
WR Tyler Fiala Blue Springs
ATH Kaden Lutjen-Williams Blue Springs
DL Logan Putman Lees Summit West
DL John Matzke Blue Springs
DL Brock Sullivan Blue Springs
DL MarQuise Fisher-Flippen Ray-Pec
DL Dallion Sauni Blue Springs South
LB Kaden Durso Liberty North
LB Luke Smith Blue Springs South
LB Jonathan Kirkpatrick Lees Summit West
LB Malaki Bouchard Blue Springs
DB Dakota Hanna Liberty North
DB Cole Young Liberty North
DB Jermon Strickland Blue Springs South
DB Max Toia Blue Springs
K Alex Stephenson   Ray-Pec
P Sam Van Dyne Liberty North

Honorable Mention

QB   Sal Caldarella Blue Springs
QB   Zander Dombrowski Ray-Pec
QB   Drew Wolverton Lees Summit West
RB Jackson Torry Lees Summit West
RB Quincy Torry Lees Summit West
RB Delonte Hunt Blue Springs
RB DeZephen Walker Ray-Pec
RB Theo Thomas Blue Spring South
RB Bryce Reeves Blue Springs South
RB Donovan George Blue Springs South
OL Jeshua O Lees Summit West
OL Dylan Haines Lees Summit West
OL Quentin Davis Lees Summit West
OL Nathan Murphy Blue Springs South
OL Charlie Wehner Blue Springs South
OL Braden Gifford Liberty North
OL Colin Swaney Liberty North
OL Johnathan Reyes Blue Springs
OL Connor Tindle Blue Springs
OL Mason Dempsey Ray-Pec
OL Julian Martinez Blue Springs
OL Callen Smithpeter Blue Springs South
TE Easton Lamb Blue Springs
TE Brayden Copeland Ray-Pec
TE Trevor Thorn Liberty North
WR D'Avion Stokes Blue Springs South
WR Damon Randolph Lees Summit West
WR Jayden Strawn Liberty North
WR Theo Gibson Liberty North
WR Gunner Elkins Ray-Pec
WR Tayveon Simms Lees Summit West
ATH Jackson Torry Lees Summit West
DL Carson Henke Blue Springs South
DL Franky Quevedo Blue Springs
DL Bernard Sosoatu Liberty North
DL Calen Presser Liberty North
DL Jose Jenkins Blue Springs South
DL Ayden Stricklin Lees Summit West
DL Ethan Gray Ray-Pec
LB Jaxon Carney Blue Springs
LB Eli Bertz Blue Springs
LB Patrick Martin Ray-Pec
LB Cooper Carpenter Blue Springs South
LB Ryan Hutson Liberty North
LB Jax Fosnow Lees Summit West
LB Jaylen Nevins Ray-Pec
LB Andrew Brokaw Ray-Pec
DB Ben Ortiz Blue Springs
DB Kevonte Jackson Blue Springs
DB Kameron Bonner Blue Springs
DB Devin Wilson Lees Summit West
DB Ethan Huffman Lees Summit West
DB Dorian Randolph Lees Summit West
DB Preston Denmark Liberty North
DB Louibens Wright Ray-Pec
DB Tanner Franklin Ray-Pec
DB Riley Dowler Blue Springs South
DB Trey Patrick Blue Springs South
DB Sir'Rahn Felix Blue Springs South
K Jack Brickhouse Blue Springs South
K Will Peacock Lees Summit West
K Will Ahring Blue Springs
P Carson Hammer Blue Springs
P David Mayo Lees Summit West
P Aiden Eggers Ray-Pec

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