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All-League Teams: Suburban Gold

By Chad Rader, 810 Varsity, 11/26/18, 4:30PM CST




Below are the all-league teams for the Suburban Gold Conference for the 2018 football season, as voted on by the league's coaches.

Offensive Player of the Year:
Christian Carter, Lee's Summit North

Defensive Player of the Year:
Skyler Meyers, Blue Springs South

Coach of the Year:
Jamar Mozee, Lee's Summit North


  Name School Grade
1st Team Ben Kobel Lees Summit West 12
2nd Team Ryan Graves Park Hill 12

Running Backs

  Name School Grade
1st Team Ontario Russell Lee's Summit North 12
  Aveion Bailey Blue Springs 12
2nd Team Keyon Mozee Lee's Summit North 11
  Brandon Rayos Raymore-Peculiar 12
Honorable Mention Javion Gathrite Park Hill 11
  Max Payne Lees Summit West 12
  Eric Carey Park Hill 11
  Nick Wood Blue Springs 12
  Austin Terry Blue Springs South 12
  Austin Gardiner Raymore-Peculiar 12
  Marcian Marshall Lees Summit West 12

Wide Receivers

  Name School Grade
1st Team Jaylin Noel Park Hill 10
  Luke Grimm Raymore-Peculiar 11
  Trevor Kardell Lees Summit West 11
2nd Team Cade Clemons Lees Summit West 12
  Isaiah Tauai Blue Springs South 10
  Sammy Cooper Lees Summit West 11
Honorable Mention Cooper Willich Blue Springs 11
  Davis Suppes Park Hill 12
  Joe Webb Park Hill 12
  Payton Stanfield Park Hill 12
  Eli Stewart Blue Springs 11
  Michael Schan Blue Springs 12
  Patsa Tapusua Blue Springs 11
  Ja'Van Williams Raymore-Peculiar 12
  Myles Shaw Lee's Summit North 11
  Logan Muckey Lee's Summit North 10
  Dayne Davis Lee's Summit North 11

Offensive Line

  Name School Grade
1st Team Chase Hutchison Raymore-Peculiar 12
  Conrad Rowley Blue Springs 12
  Cory Reiter Park Hill 12
  Joel Stevens Lee's Summit North 12
  Tristan Roper Blue Springs South 12
2nd Team Cobe Rees Lees Summit West 11
  Jack Johnson Blue Springs 12
  Jalen Thomas Lees Summit West 12
  Jesup Leakey Blue Springs 12
  Jordan Gibson Lee's Summit North 12
Honorable Mention Beau Stephens Blue Springs 10
  Jawan Grant Park Hill 12
  Mason Urick Lee's Summit North 12
  Nathan Walker Blue Springs South 12
  Sean Loseke Lees Summit West 12
  Tanner Nelson Park Hill 11
  Trenton Brink Lees Summit West 12
  Patrtick Robinson Blue Springs 11
  Chase Terry Blue Springs South 12
  Mark Grant Park Hill 12
  Jarien Montgomery Park Hill 11
  Clint Herrick Raymore-Peculiar 12
  Connor Houck Raymore-Peculiar 12
  Gabe Milliron Lee's Summit North 11
  Wesley Martin Lee's Summit North 11


  Name School Grade
1st Team Gabe Sappington Raymore-Peculiar 11
2nd Team Mykal Wiley Lees Summit West 12
Honorable Mention Fred Ramero Blue Springs 11

Defensive Line

  Name School Grade
1st Team Hampton Minniefield Lees Summit West 12
  James Gore Park Hill 11
  Johnny Wilson Park Hill 11
  Mark McGhee Lee's Summit North 11
2nd Team Jacob Ross Raymore-Peculiar 12
  Nick Henderson Blue Springs 11
  Niko Manning Blue Springs 12
  Simeon Sullivan Blue Springs 12
Honorable Mention Alan Wells Lee's Summit North 12
  Elliott Keys  Lees Summit West 12
  Jameel Burns Park Hill 11
  Raheem Fisher Lee's Summit North 11
  Brody Everett Blue Springs 12
  Geralo Schiele Raymore-Peculiar 11
  Brad Hanneman Raymore-Peculiar 12
  Wesley Bazzle Lees Summit West 11
  Cam Careswell Lees Summit West 10
  LoganThornton Lee's Summit North 12
  Matthew Hood Lee's Summit North 12


  Name School Grade
1st Team Dubem Okonkwo Lee's Summit North 12
  Haden Wallace Park Hill 12
  Jake Grauberger Lees Summit West 12
  Skyler Meyers Blue Springs South 12
2nd Team Austin Stuller Blue Springs 12
  Ethan Zipsie Blue Springs 12
  Lane Overton Lee's Summit North 12
  Shane Martin Raymore-Peculiar 12
Honorable Mention Anthony Orlando Blue Springs South 12
  Bradley Myers  Lees Summit West 12
  Carter Goslee Park Hill 11
  Cole Gonier Park Hill 12
  Graham Sutherland Raymore-Peculiar 11
  Kienen Gaskin Lee's Summit North 11
  Matt Van Hoecke Blue Springs 12
  Mikey Miles Park Hill 11
  Christian Mender Blue Springs 11
  Wyatt Quest Raymore-Peculiar 12
  Nathan Lyons Lees Summit West 12

Defensive Backs

  Name School Grade
1st Team Steph Black II Blue Springs 11
  Nyles Thomas Lee's Summit North 12
  DaShaun Powell Park Hill 12
  Jaylen Hickles Lee's Summit North 12
2nd Team Christion Wilson Lees Summit West 12
  Trey Vaval Blue Springs South 12
  Andrew Kayhill Lees Summit West 11
  Javion Gathrite Park Hill 11
  Brandon Winston Lee's Summit North 12
Honorable Mention Shane Frederickson Lees Summit West 10
  Kolby Heinerikson Park Hill 12
  Raymond Horton Blue Springs 12
  Jaron Cole Lee's Summit North 11
  Donovan Bustamonte Park Hill 12
  Luke Fellers Blue Springs South 10
  Darrion Booker Blue Springs South 12
  Ziggy Afo Blue Springs 12
  Ian Hornbeck Raynore-Peculiar 12
  Jackson Hilsabeck Raynore-Peculiar 11


  Name School Grade
1st Team Cade Clemons Lees Summit West 12
2nd Team Kolby Heinerikson Park Hill 12
Honorable Mention Skyler Meyers Blue Springs South 12
  Brenton Eggers Raymore-Peculiar 12

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